How to Find an Apartment for Rent in Medellin

Medellin, Colombia is a vibrant city that has become a hub for digital nomads. With its warm climate, stunning scenery, and affordable cost of living, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to this South American destination. This blog post will guide you through the best apartments for rent in Medellin, Colombia for digital nomads and provide tips on how to find your perfect home base while working remotely in this exciting location.


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Why Medellin, Colombia is a Great Destination 

Medellin, Colombia is a top destination for digital nomads or anyone looking to live abroad who is seeking an affordable cost of living and vibrant culture. The neighborhood of El Poblado offers many apartments for rent on platforms like Airbnb, making extended stays convenient and comfortable. With its modern infrastructure and abundance of entertainment options, Medellin has become a hub for remote workers looking to balance work and play.

Cost of Living

Looking for affordable housing options in Medellin, Colombia? Look no further than El Poblado. This neighborhood offers a range of apartments for rent at reasonable prices, whether you’re looking for short-term Airbnb stays or extended stays.

In addition to affordable housing, you’ll find that food and transportation costs are also quite reasonable in Medellin. Public transportation is efficient and inexpensive, while local markets offer fresh produce at low prices. And if you need healthcare services during your stay, don’t worry – the cost of medical care is also relatively low compared to other countries.

Overall, Medellin offers an attractive cost of living for digital nomads seeking an international destination with plenty of amenities and affordability.


Reliable internet connectivity, well-maintained roads and public transportation systems, as well as access to coworking spaces with modern amenities are essential infrastructure elements for digital nomads looking for apartments for rent in Medellin, Colombia. This vibrant city offers all of these features and more. You can easily find a comfortable home-away-from-home on Airbnb or through extended stay services in the popular El Poblado area.

Medellin’s infrastructure has come a long way over the past few years thanks to major investments by local authorities. As a result, you can enjoy fast internet speeds and reliable connections from most parts of the city. Getting around is also easy with its efficient metro system and numerous bus routes that cover every corner of town. Plus, when you need to get some work done outside your apartment, there are plenty of stylish coworking spaces available that offer all the necessary amenities at reasonable prices.

Culture and Entertainment

Medellin boasts a vibrant nightlife scene that is perfect for socializing after work hours. From trendy bars in El Poblado to salsa clubs in La 70, there are plenty of options to choose from. For extended stays, Airbnb offers affordable apartment rentals in these areas.

Foodies will love the diverse local cuisine options available throughout Colombia. Medellin has everything from street food vendors selling traditional snacks to high-end restaurants serving elevated Colombian cuisine.

The city also provides ample opportunities for digital nomads to experience traditional Colombian culture through festivals, music, and dance. The Feria de las Flores and the Festival Internacional de Tango are just a few examples of the cultural events happening year-round in Medellin.

Factors to Consider When Renting an Apartment in Medellin, Colombia

Finding the perfect apartment for rent in Medellin, Colombia as a digital nomad requires considering several factors. Firstly, location is crucial – choose an area that is safe and convenient for your needs. Secondly, amenities play a significant role – ensure the apartment has all necessary facilities such as Wi-Fi, workspace and laundry services. Lastly, safety cannot be compromised; research the building’s security protocols and neighborhood crime rates to ensure peace of mind during your stay in Medellin.


Looking for the perfect location to rent an apartment in Medellin, Colombia? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of neighborhoods with good connectivity to coworking spaces, proximity to grocery stores and restaurants, and easy access to public transportation.

Poblado is the go-to neighborhood for digital nomads looking for convenience. With its high concentration of coworking spaces, cafes and restaurants, you’ll have everything you need within walking distance. For those prioritizing accessibility by bus or metro, Laureles offers excellent public transportation options while still being close enough to the city center.

Read more about the best areas of Medellin in our article here:


Our apartments for rent in Medellin, Colombia are fully furnished and equipped with everything a digital nomad needs. From high-speed internet to modern kitchen appliances, we’ve got you covered. You’ll never miss an important email or episode of your favorite show with our included TV service.

In addition to the essentials, our apartment complex offers top-notch recreational facilities such as a swimming pool and gym for you to stay active and relaxed during your stay in Medellin. And when it’s time to do laundry, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your apartment as we provide convenient in-unit or on-site laundry facilities.

  • High-speed internet
  • Modern kitchen appliances
  • TV service included
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • In-unit or on-site laundry facilities


Our apartments for rent in Medellin, Colombia offer top-notch safety measures to ensure your peace of mind. We have 24/7 security personnel and surveillance cameras in place to monitor the premises at all times. Our secure entrances require access codes or key cards for entry into the building, adding an extra layer of protection. Additionally, our properties are located in safe neighborhoods with low crime rates, ensuring a worry-free living experience for digital nomads like you.

Best Areas for Apartments for Rent in Medellin for Digital Nomads

Looking for the perfect apartment for rent in Medellin, Colombia? As a digital nomad, you need more than just a place to stay. You need comfort, convenience, and connectivity all rolled into one. That’s why we’ve handpicked the top apartments in El Poblado, Laureles and Envigado – three of the best neighborhoods in Medellin that cater to remote workers like you.

In El Poblado, enjoy luxury living with stunning views of the city from your balcony. In Laureles, immerse yourself in local culture as you explore nearby restaurants and cafes. And in Envigado, experience a quieter atmosphere while still being close to major shopping centers and transportation hubs. Whatever your preference may be – these top apartments are sure to provide everything you need for an unforgettable digital nomad experience in Medellin!

El Poblado

Luxury apartments with stunning views are abundant in El Poblado, one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Medellin. If you’re a digital nomad seeking comfortable and stylish accommodations, this area is definitely worth considering. With modern amenities and facilities available at your fingertips, such as high-speed internet and coworking spaces, you’ll have everything you need to work efficiently.

In addition to its luxurious offerings, El Poblado also boasts a convenient location for digital nomads. Within walking distance are supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants serving international cuisine. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore the city’s attractions after work hours, this neighborhood has plenty to offer. And with easy access to public transportation options like taxis or buses nearby it won’t be hard getting around town either!


Looking for affordable apartments in a vibrant neighborhood? Look no further than Laureles. This bustling area is perfect for digital nomads, with easy access to public transportation and great food options nearby.

Whether you’re looking for a studio or one-bedroom apartment, there are plenty of options available in Laureles. And with its central location, it’s easy to explore all that Medellin has to offer. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to live in one of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods!


Looking for a quiet and peaceful area to work remotely? Look no further than Envigado, one of the hidden gems of Medellin. Here, you’ll find spacious apartments surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility that’s perfect for focusing on your work.

Envigado is also known for its close proximity to nature trails, making it an ideal spot for hiking or exploring the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking to recharge during your downtime or simply seeking inspiration from nature, Envigado is the perfect place to call home while working remotely in Medellin.

Other Options

There are a number of other great suburbs to choose from. Read more about the best areas of Medellin in our article here:


Tips for Finding the Best Apartment for Rent in Medellin, Colombia

When searching for the best apartment for rent in Medellin, Colombia as a digital nomad, it’s important to do your research. Take the time to look into different neighborhoods and their amenities, rental prices and safety ratings. This will help you narrow down your options and find an apartment that fits your needs.

Another great tip is to use local real estate agents who have experience working with foreigners. They can provide valuable insight on the market trends and offer assistance with language barriers or cultural differences. Additionally, don’t be afraid to negotiate the rent price as many landlords are open to bargaining if you’re signing a long-term lease agreement. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find a comfortable and affordable home away from home in Medellin.

Do Your Research

When looking for the best apartment for rent in Medellin, Colombia as a digital nomad, it’s essential to do your research. Here are some tips on what to focus on during your search:

  • Research the different neighborhoods in Medellin to find the best fit for your needs
  • Check online rental websites and forums for listings and reviews of apartments in Medellin
  • Read up on local laws, customs, and landlord-tenant regulations before signing a lease

With these steps taken care of beforehand, you’ll be sure to find an apartment that suits your preferences while allowing you to enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer.

Short Term Rental Apartments in Medellin

The best option for short term apartments for rent in Medellin is probably Airbnb. Airbnb is expensive, but has a great range of options. 

Long Term Furnished Apartments for rent in Medellin

Finding long term apartments in Medellin is harder. Here is a list of good websites: 

Casacol –

Facebook group –

LIV Realty –

Inverso Coliving –

Use Local Real Estate Agents

Finding the perfect apartment for rent in Medellin can be a daunting task, especially for digital nomads who are new to the area. One of the best ways to simplify your apartment search is by using local real estate agents who specialize in rentals. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Find a reputable real estate agent who specializes in rentals in Medellin
  • Ask for recommendations from other digital nomads or expats living in Medellin
  • Meet with multiple agents to compare their services, fees, and expertise

A good real estate agent will help you find an apartment that fits your needs and budget while also negotiating favorable lease terms on your behalf. With their knowledge of the local rental market and connections with property owners, they may even have access to exclusive listings that aren’t available elsewhere. By working with a reliable local agent, you can save time and money while securing a comfortable home base during your stay in Medellin.

Negotiate the Rent

Researching the average rental prices for similar apartments in your desired area of Medellin can give you a good idea of what to expect and help you negotiate more effectively. Be prepared to haggle with landlords or agents over rent price, lease terms, security deposits, and other charges. Knowing your budget limits is crucial so that you can make realistic offers during negotiations without overspending on accommodation. With these tips in mind, negotiating the rent for an apartment for rent in Medellin Colombia will be easier than ever before!

What is the rental price?

As a digital nomad, finding the perfect accommodation that suits both your long-term needs and budget can be quite challenging. One of the crucial factors to consider when searching for rental properties is the pricing. Rental prices vary depending on several factors such as location, duration of stay, and property type. However, in general expect to pay between $4M and $13M COP per month depending on the size and location.

If you are looking for a monthly rental, you can expect to pay a lower rate than a short-term rental. This is because long-term rentals provide the landlord with a secure income stream and it saves them the hassle of finding new tenants every month. Additionally, long-term rentals usually come with extra amenities like free Wi-Fi, cleaning services, and utilities included in the rent.

When it comes to location, properties situated in prime areas such as city centers or tourist hotspots will generally cost more than rentals in less popular locations. However, it’s important to consider the proximity to essential services such as supermarkets, healthcare facilities, and public transportation when weighing the cost-benefit.

Lastly, the type of property you choose also affects the rental price. Apartments and shared accommodations are usually more affordable than standalone houses or villas. However, if you require more space or privacy, you may have to pay a premium for such properties.

Overall, rental prices for digital nomads vary widely depending on several factors. It’s crucial to do your research thoroughly and compare prices to find the most suitable and cost-effective option for you.

Is there a security deposit required?

As a digital nomad, one of the most important things to consider when selecting long-term accommodations is the security deposit. This is usually a lump sum of money that is paid upfront to the property owner or management company, and serves as a guarantee for any damages that may occur during your stay.

The answer to whether a security deposit is required varies depending on the type of accommodation you are seeking. For traditional apartments or rental homes, a security deposit is almost always mandatory. This is because these properties are typically rented out for longer periods of time, and the owner wants to ensure that they are protected in case of any damages that may occur.

However, if you are looking for short-term monthly rentals, such as those found on Airbnb or other vacation rental platforms, the security deposit may or may not be required. Some hosts choose to forego the security deposit and instead charge a higher nightly rate to cover any potential damages. Others may require a nominal deposit to be paid upfront, but this amount is typically much less than what you would pay for a long-term rental.

Regardless of whether a security deposit is required or not, it is always a good idea to read the fine print of your rental agreement before signing on the dotted line. Make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions, including any potential fees or charges that may be incurred during your stay. By doing your due diligence and being proactive, you can ensure a seamless and stress-free living experience as a digital nomad.


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